The Battle of Souls Story

The plane whispered of labored breath, the storm had ended, the fire was burned out. Torn flags, broken blades, spears, and shattered shields were dispersed about on the field like flowers. The sky was ambiguous, changings colors from the darkness of night to the dawn and dusk of day. The fake earth was ruptured, like a stampede had happened yet not a person or animal had passed. A robed person glided along the earth like a reaper of death, touching the broken swords, spears, flags, and shields as if he was a collector. Each thing he touched dissolved like water, and was collected into a jar held out by the reaper.


“Come” he whispered as everything he touched flowed into the seemingly empty jar. “Fight for me again. Fight you legends of earth. Fight for your legacy of battle. Fight for your glory. Fight for your might. Fight for your soul!”  Now everything flowed into the jar, a storm of water whipped around the robed person as if he controlled the storm.  The storm ended like an exhale of breath. The robed person held up the jar, it was finally full, with the water being liked blood sloshed about as he tilted it back and forth.


“Finally I have enough.” The man said as he put the jar next to 6 others clipped onto his belt. He glided swiftly from the plane of earth. Even though there many items of war craft about, the man did not collect them.  He glided to what looked like a small fortress of glass and stone. He looked back to the plane he saw many other robed figures gathering their collections; he must hurry to be prepared for the next battle. He could already hear the plane gathering its breath as it was about to scream with battle once again.


The battle of souls will happen soon. The battle for the ruler of all souls was about to begin.