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Several years after a devastating world war fighting has become more then just a sport. It has become a commodity as well as a way of life for many. A new body of government over the entire planet has turned highly skilled fighters as the most sought after groups of people on the planet. Using tournaments to determine each fighters worth.

Among all of the fighters in the world, ten troubled fighters are chosen to enter a special tournament. But unlike the other tournaments, this is a fight to the death where there will leave only one victor. That man or woman will then be given the one thing they are seeking most of all!  VENGEANCE!

Battle of Souls

Battle of souls, BOSS, TCG

Get ready to enter the immortal plane and battle for the ownership of the souls of fallen warriors. Battle of Souls pits player vs player in a seesaw battle for the control of the most souls. Get ready for a game where strategy counts and it pays to show no mercy to your opponents.


The Battle of Souls has begun!!

Death of Liberty


America has fallen! The rest of the world is at war against one man and his endless armies.

A man who calls himself Caesar has declared that he will be the next ruler of the entire world.  With his army, and highly advanced weaponry he may make good on that declaration. However, in his arrogance he made one mistake. Instead of destroying America, he imprisoned it. Now 5 years after the fall of America, you lead the last remnants of the American military mixed with rebel factions across the nation in a last ditch effort to take back America, and put an end to this new tyrant.


Choose your side and attack your enemy team in this Risk! style war game of Death of Liberty

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