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New Website page, New Crowd-Funding Campaign

Today we have published a new page to our site. It is a Recruitment page. If anyone viewing our site wishes to work with No Limit Games on our Vengeance project, feel free to take a look at the site and submit your information.

We also have started up a new crowd-funding campaign on Game Launched. Click Here to view the page. Be sure to share it everywhere and get the word out to others.

Who is No Limit Games?

No Limit Games is an Indie game developer in Anaheim Ca. Run by an ambitious business minded man named William Brevard and his co-founding business partner Kevin Loza.

No Limit Games is comprised of a small team of highly talented and dedicated artist, programmers, animators, and modelers. 

Our First Fan!!

We're happy to say that we got our first official fan of No Limit Games and our launch game Vengeance through our last Kickstarter Run.

Click here to see the youtube video he made for us!

Special 3 days in June!!

A good chunk of the No Limit Games crew will be in attendance this year at E3 in June.

No Limit Games Co-Founder, William Brevard will be setting meetings once the meeting app is open. Be sure to look for him if you are attending. 


A special thanks!!

We could not complete this news section without adding a very special heartfelt thanks to our friends and partners at Cicada Music.

We were able to strike a business partnership with them after meeting at last year's E3 by way of Max Steiner Agency. Since then they have worked with us and have provided very useful bits of information and suggestions to help us along the way.

From all of us at No Limit Games, Thank you for giving this unknown game developer a chance.

What's coming next?

A new Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign will be started towards the end of March 2013.

Be sure to follow our blog as the time comes we will be announcing new and exciting perks for all of our backers and fans! Also be sure to like and follow our facebook page for Vengeance, be on the look out for our character spotlights. 

We will be giving our fans a chance to learn about each of the characters in Vengeance!

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